NBA 2K16 locker codes: Codes for Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other NBA superstars revealed


NBA 2K16 has been receiving positive reviews since it first came out last September 29 and now, it is giving players better tools to maximize their gaming experience.

A tweet from NBA 2K16 has released the locker codes for the players including Michael Jordan (FZV7P FQ9SU SRNZZ 9AB27 9ZUUT); LeBron James (9BUQS QTKDU ASYJU 3W183 QVXBC); Isaiah Thomas (XFQDT TMQ6Z I1TM6-8Q8J5 WNJGQ); Shaquille O’Neil (GSUM3 ESARX GXD3T S3QJQ FIETU); Stephen Curry (NXYJ4 WQCRD C2DQN S36GF TJMZ4); Paul George (WR9KL 6NQ9Z CWWGF MVG4C T3L8P); Larry Bird (ZG9QQ VYAVK I2ZUD TU2VL ZFYLQ); Karl Malone (Q1585 CPEWU HZNWY WK2EW V1E4C) and Carmelo Anthony (AMIB1 95PFL FD7LB DQXHX S7RBT).

Meanwhile, the NBA2K16 Locker Codes site has also revealed a generator for cheat codes for the game in PS4, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

It also included instructions on how to generate and use the codes across various consoles, which is very helpful for the players visiting the site.

“The NBA VC code generator is safe to use and also has many features like anti ban system and also proxy system is added to it so that this tool can be used on same Ip more than once a day. The tool is really amazing and its performance is very best as the server is of high end. later we will kove to higher servers when there is huge demand. Enjoy the free NBA 2k16 locker codes with the vc code generator online,” the site assured.

Meanwhile, Gamepur released a guide to earning VC through My Career mode and MyPark mode by maximizing a glitch that is currently being addressed by the developers.

In MyCareer, the site instructed players to set up the game for Hall of Fame level of difficulty in a 6 or 12 minute quarter. After loading the next game, players should complete the tip off until the end, where he will be rewarded with VC. The glitch enables players to simply repeat the process and earn VC Points each time.

For MyPark mode, the player needs to go to Head to a 3-man Got Next Spot and then start the game. Players get to earn the VC immediately but when the game starts, the player would need to quit. While this could add VCs, the downside is that it could hurt the player’s reputation and standing.