NBA 2K16 locker codes, cheats: 2K unveils elite player locker codes; Glitch makes way for unlimited VC


With the recent release of the next installment in the basketball franchise, “NBA 2k16”, comes ways to make the gameplay easier with locker codes that can give access and freedom to use some of the elite players included in the roster.

Taking to Twitter, the locker code for Michael Jordan has been revealed by 2K, “Final Chance Limited #PinkDiamondJordan #LockerCodes for #NBA2K15: FZV7P-FQ9SU-SRNZZ-9AB27-9ZUUT Good luck!”

Other codes shared were: LeBron James, 9BUQS QTKDU ASYJU 3W183 QVXBC; Isaiah Thomas, XFQDT TMQ6Z I1TM6-8Q8J5 WNJGQ; Shaquille O’Neal, GSUM3 ESARX GXD3T S3QJQ FIETU; Stephen Curry, NXYJ4 WQCRD C2DQN S36GF TJMZ4; Paul George, WR9KL 6NQ9Z CWWGF MVG4C T3L8P; Larry Bird, ZG9QQ VYAVK I2ZUD TU2VL ZFYLQ; Karl Malone, Q1585 CPEWU HZNWY WK2EW V1E4C; and Carmelo Anthony, AMIB1 95PFL FD7LB DQXHX S7RBT.

Meanwhile, cheat codes generator for various platforms such as Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One is now rolling out using simple methods of choosing the denomination of the code needed. It is said that the use of the generator is safe as it uses anti ban and proxy systems. The free codes can also be used several times within the day using the same IP address.

For the players who want to have more virtual currency in the form of coins and diamonds, Gamepur shares that a glitch found in both My Career and My Park modes allow for unlimited resources.

In My Career, the game should be set up with the level of difficulty at “Hall of Fame,” with six to 12 minute quarters. The next game should be loaded and completed until the end. When the VC is being awarded, it continues to reward gamers with 600 VC for every simulation.

Meanwhile for My Park Mode, 3-man Get Next Spot should be utilized before starting the game. When the player starts earning VC, he needs to quit and go back to his home court. The VC then goes straight into the account.