'Nashville' season 5: finale hints on bigger things to come amid show cancellation


People behind TV series “Nashville” has opted to end its season 4 run with a bold cliffhanger despite the fact that ABC has already axed the program from their show roster. While some fans are unhappy with how the country drama has finished, Lionsgate Television stands by their decision, describing it as a “little short-term pain but ultimately long-term gain.”

“We intend and are quite focused and are in substantive and serious conversations with multiple buyers about continuing the show on another platform,” Lionsgate TV boss Kevin Beggs told The Hollywood Reporter on their “Nashville” plans post-ABC. “If we didn’t feel that was going to happen, we might have gone a different way.”

As a testament to Beggs faith that the country music series will eventually find a new home, 4 to 5 interested buyers are said to be already willing to pick up “Nashville” and move forward with it.

“We’re not looking to write ourselves into a corner and actually wrapping up stories in a somewhat saccharine way is the worst box you can put yourself in,” he said, noting he received another incoming call from a buyer following Thursday morning’s earnings call.

In fact, the cancellation and the show’s decision to leave it open for a continuation may actually be a good business move as pointed out by industry analysts. Given this, more and more platforms are willing to carry out the show knowing that the cliffhanger has had viewers hooked and looking forward to its possible return.

Furthermore, Beggs is also open to a relatively brand new concept of different platforms airing with every season renewal depending on how negotiations come about. Hulu, which already has the rights to the last four seasons of “Nashville” may seem to be the likely choice for season 5, but that does not mean that it will stay with the streaming service going to season 6 and forward.

“Nashville” season 4’s finale titled “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday” puts Juliette’s (Hayden Panettiere’s) fate in limbo as her plane had gone missing.