Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: teams get single life gauge; wall fighting may be made fairer


After attendees were treated to the showcase of a playable version of Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 at the 2015 MCM London Comic Con, CyberConnect2 head Hiroshi Matsuyama is revealing new details in the gameplay ahead of its release in the fall.

According to Matsuyama, the game will feature a single life gauge for all characters in one group to balance out the number of persons in a team.

In a report by VC Post, he said that want to even the playing field for teams of two players who are fighting against a cell with three members so nobody has an unfair advantage. He also said that the developers are thinking of putting in a counterattack option for those who are fighting against Tailed Beast user three man cells.

“We are going to have the game balanced for players even if they are fighting against someone with all Tailed Beast user three man cell. We are thinking about putting in a counterattack. The support gauge is used when you do a leader change so you cannot constantly switch characters, but you could have three Tailed Beast attacks in a row,” he said.

Another feature of the game is the players’ ability to remain active even when they switch leader characters which will enable them to have a Tailed Beast combo attack where one character attacks first and another would come out right away.

A report by Crossmap also hinted that the development team is also working on how to make wall fighting fair for other characters.

Wall fighting gives a character the advantage of standing up on a wall to attack their enemies which poses a huge advantage as players can stay well out of reach of their opponents who are still on the ground and still cause them damage from the vantage of their position.