'Naruto Shippuden' release news, spoilers: Anime expected to return to canon, episode titles revealed


The “Naruto Shippuden” anime, with only a few episodes from the canon manga left to show, recently started airing filler episodes again. However, the coming episodes will finally see the anime finally return its canon-based episodes and might finally see the conclusion of the series in no time.

The upcoming episodes of the series, which will be aired in the next two weeks, are expected to bring the anime back to the canon storyline following the fillers in the past several weeks.

The June 2, 2016 episode is titled “Igai-sei Nanb?wan!” or “the Number One most unpredictable Ninja!” Meanwhile, the 464<sup>th episode, which will air on June 9, is titled “Ninsh?,” or “Ninja Creed.”

The most recent episode of the series, episode 462, was titled “A Fabricated Past.” The episode showed Hagomoro as he finally finished his training sessions with the toads at Mount Myoboku. The episode also showed Hagomoro confront his mother Kaguya in an attempt to make her see light amidst her actions and her ideals. However, the two ended up in a fierce and long running fight, which ultimately ended with Kaguya being finally sealed upbut not before giving birth to the sinister Black Zetsu.

The episode also showed the origins of the nine different Tailed Beasts. The God Tree, in the middle of the fierce fight between Kaguya and Hagomoro, turned into the Ten Tails tailed beast in order to fight in Kaguya’s side. Later on, it was revealed that it was Hagomoro who had split the massive and deadly Ten Tails into Nine-Tailed Bestswhich the modern day Jinchuriki now have sealed within them.

As for the latest episode to have a title, which is episode 464, fans might see more of the backstories dealing with Kaguya and her family. In the manga, Ninsh? is religion and the peaceful precursor of modern ninjutsu created by Hagoromo. Ninsh? later on ended up to be more popularly known as the modern day ninjutsu, which is now a weaponized rendition of Hagomoro’s original concept.