'Naruto Shippuden' episode 500 spoilers: Naruto and Hinata to get married


Naruto and Hinata’s wedding is approaching, and everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village is putting together the upcoming big event. However, fans of the “Naruto Shippuden” series may not be seeing their favorite anime characters anymore after its 500th episode.

As seen in episode 499, the pre-wedding hustle and bustle continued, especially in picking up the most appropriate gift. Iruka was still uncertain on what to say on his greeting video. The teacher had been reorganizing his thoughts to complete his message.

Kakashi was feeling at his worst upon knowing that the attendance at the wedding would depend on the guest’s choice of gifts. Adding to his stress was the thought that he would be hosting the festivity with prominent visitors from other villages in the audience. Can he really pull it off?

After talking with Tsunade, the talented ninja had come up with a plan in order to have all the village people join the celebration. He requested Gaara to allow some ninjas to replace the duties of Naruto and Hinata’s friends for the day. But, Gaara was more concerned about getting the most expensive gift. The Fifth Kazekage was threatened after Killer B of the Hidden Cloud told him that Raikage would be giving the newly-weds lavish gifts, such as wine, meat, and entertainment by a dancing Raikage himself.

While Naruto was out somewhere, the bride-to-be is worried that not all their friends can attend the wedding. However, Kakashi and Iruka assured her that everyone can make it to the big day.

Meanwhile, in the series’ final episode, Hidden Leaf’s hero will finally marry the love of his life, Hinata. Somehow, Naruto is having some wedding jitters. The final episode is expected to feature the married life of the couple, including the birth of their son and daughter, Boruto and Himawari.

“Naruto Shippuden” episode 500 is scheduled to air on March 23 and will be available in North America via simulcast on Crunchyroll.