'Naruto Shippuden' episode 476 spoilers, plot: Naruto and Sasuke finally settling the score


It’s a known fact to most fans that the hit anime serial “Naruto Shippuden” is about to wrap up its run and most of them are now anticipating the airing of its 476th episode that is said to be epic as it is speculated that the longtime rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto could be finally settled at last.

As per recent reports, it is suggested that the upcoming episode will be a whole lot longer as compared to the previous episodes since it will be an hour-long affair tackling several chapters in the manga serial that ended some years ago. Moreover, the anticipation won’t be that long now since the much-hyped episode could be broadcast less than two days from now.

Fans might still remember that during episode 475 dubbed “The Valley of the End” that aired earlier this month, the five Kages disappeared and the jinjurikis were free as well. However, Sasuke who still had vengeance running through his veins performed a technique that captured the nine spirit beasts to use them afterward for his plan of destruction.

Kakashi, on the other hand, angrily asked Sasuke as to why he’s doing such and the latter responded that he aims to eliminate the five Kages, as well as the whole ninja world using the now captured jinjurikis.

Nonetheless, Naruto will, of course, try to thwart Sasuke’s planned apocalypse and promised Kakashi, Sakura and Hagoromo to bring his old friend back to his senses. The Kyuubi bearer then asked Sasuke to fight in a different location and both agreed in settling their beef at the Valley of the End.

Now that Naruto is expected to give his friend the fight of his life, it was abovementioned that the battle for the ages will be aired this Sept. 29.