'Naruto Shippuden' episode 473 spoilers, rumors: Obito returns for the last time in 'The Sharingan Revived'


Episode 472 of “Naruto Shippuden” featured the series’ return to the Shippuden timeline and saw the death of one of the characters. Obito, who had been suffering for a long time. He sacrificed himself to save everyone from Kaguya, and the episode was an emotional one for fans as the episode flashed back to Obito’s friendship with Kakashi and Rin.

The next episode will show more of Obito’s devotion to Kakashi as the fighter briefly returns from the afterlife to help his friend one last time in order to destroy Kaguya. Though Rin, who has been dead for quite some time, is imploring Obito to go with her, he tells her that he has to return one last time to give Kakashi a final gift his Sharingan, which Kakashi will use to defeat Kaguya.

In episode 473 called “The Sharingan Revived,” Obito and Rin have reverted to their younger selves in the afterlife, and while Rin is telling Obito to go, the fighter says that he has to come back and help his friends for the last time.

The scene shifts to the battlefield and Kakashi asks Obito why he is sacrificing himself for a useless person like him. Obito tells him not to think about it wherein Obito’s body is starting to disintegrate, and Naruto is holding on to him as Obito gives him advice on being a good fighter and a good man. Obito’s body shatters into rock-like pieces, and he finally goes with Rin into the afterlife. Kaguya appears, and Sakura comes at her with an explosive punch to the head.

In the “Naruto” manga, which the anime is based on, Kakashi uses the Sharingan to entrap Kaguya with Naruto and Sakura’s help, and the villain is sealed once more, preventing her from causing further damage to anyone in the future. Obito’s death and the end of Kaguya’s storyline heralds the start of another arc which sees Naruto and Sasuke fighting after the latter reveals his true intentions.