'Naruto Shippuden' episode 461 spoilers: 'Hagoromo and Hamura' to focus on Kaguya's sons?


During episode 460, “Kaguya Otsutsuki,” Black Zetsu began telling Naruto and the others of his mother’s past and how he manipulated history.

As revealed by Zetsu, Kaguya was a princess of the ancient Land of So. Prior to her arrival, a meteorite crashed into So that eventually grew into a great tree called the God Tree. Kaguya arrived years later, she proclaimed herself protector of the God Tree and insinuated herself into the highest reaches of the imperial court of So using her powers.

Tenji, the young emperor of So, fell in love with Kaguya as they both shared the desire to protect the world. Unfortunately, an attack by the warmongering Land of Ka eventually lead to Tenji and the Land of So turning on Kaguya.

Feeling betrayed, Kaguya ate the fruit of the God Tree which gave her the power of chakra. The episode then ended with the beginnings of Kaguya’s rise to power with her newly discoverd chakra abilities.

For the next episode, it is expected to focus on Kaguya’s fraternal twin sons Hagoromo and Hamura and their initial years fighting against their mother. Kaguya was already pregnant with the twins when she ate the fruit of the God Tree, setting the slate for the birth of chakra in the world of Naruto.

In the manga, the power given to Kaguya by the God Tree eventually drove her mad. Her sons, the first two naturally born with chakra, eventually grew to have power that threatened Kaguya’s own so she tried to kill them by becoming the monstrous Ten-Tails.

Kaguya failed and Hagoromo absorbed the Ten-Tails into himself, becoming the first jinchuriki and the legendary Sage of the Six Paths. Before his death, Hagoromo separated the chakra of the Ten-Tails into the nine parts, creating the nine Tailed Beasts, and locked the corpse of the Ten-Tails into a spherical construct made of earth.

Hagoromo then sent the sphere into space as the moon, with Hamura promising to guard the Ten-Tails and moved to settle on the moon.

Episode 462, the next episode after “Hagoromo and Hamura,” is titled “The Constructed Past.” The title implies that episode’s plotline could deal with the events after Kaguya’s era and Zetsu’s manipulation of history, meaning that all of Hagoromo’s and Hamura’s parts in the story will be shown in episode 461.

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