‘Narcos’ season 3 to premiere in September; Netflix releases first teaser

A screenshot from the "Narcos" Season 3 teaser released by Netflix. (YouTube/Netflix)

Fans of the hit online streaming series “Narcos” can officially start the countdown to its third season.

Season 3 of the crime web series will air on Sept. 1 on Netflix. Moreover, the streaming giant also released a short teaser shifting the spotlight on a new target. The Cali cartel takes over the drug trade in the upcoming season. They will also be the target of returning DEA agent Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal).

The teaser said that “cocaine cartels are about succession,” and that while the world’s eyes were all on the hunt for Pablo Escobar, the Cali cartel slowly rose into power. The new season also has “Rise of a New Empire” as its tagline. This pertains to Cali, which is expected to be far more evil than Escobar’s Medellin cartel.

Meanwhile, a report from Variety noted that the new drug cartel operates differently from its rival, Medellin. The godfathers from Cali go to the extent of bribing government officials to gain control. Moreover, they also stay under the radar by keeping their dealings in the dark, as much as possible.

Apart from Peña, Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela (Damian Alcazar) also returns to lead the Cali cartel. Other actors confirmed for season 3 include Denis, Alberto Ammann, and Pepe Rapazote. Also beefing up the cast are Michael Stahl-David, Arturo Castro, Matt Whelan, Kerry Bishe, and Miguel Angel Silvestre.

Last February, Pascal shared some season 3 teasers during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “They took over Miami after Pablo was killed and they already owned New York so there’s a lot of cocaine in season 3,” said Pascal. “We go after the [California] cartel, people know a lot less about the Cali cartel, including myself,” he added.

It will be interesting to see how Pascal and the rest of the law enforcement groups will take on the new cartel. Will their old strategies that eventually took them to Escobar still work? Or will the new drug kings become a more elusive force to deal with?