'Narcos' season 2 release date: showrunners tightlipped about plot


“Narcos” season 2 is definitely happening, with the declaration by Netflix a week into season 1 that the drama series about the most notorious cocaine trafficker in history is renewed for another season. However, the showrunners are being rather tightlipped about it, leaving a lot to be guessed at without, as yet, a definite production and release date announced. 

As lead actor Wagner Moura talked about his preparations for his role as the infamous drug dealer Paolo Escobar, speculation was high that season 2 will very likely come out in the late summer/ fall of 2016. This fits in with Netflix’s release schedules for its original programs, but a more definite date is expected to be released soon considering the popularity of the show. 

The story deals with the exploits of the “king of cocaine” and the obsession of law enforcers in hunting him down. CIA agents Pea (Pedro Pascal) and Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) follow his trail to Colombia to capture him  and eventually “stand over his dead body,” as Murphy swears in the finale of the first season while Escobar escapes into the forest. 

Since this is based on known events in the life of the kingpin Escobar, it is predicted by Leah Thomas of Bustle that the second season will deal with the hunt for Escobar and his fears of being caught and extradited to the United States, then killed there. 

Bustle says that how long the story will be played out depends on how many seasons Netflix plans for “Narcos.” Escobar made a great prison break from La Catedral in 1992, but died in a shootout with police in 1993. So eventually, the story ends there. The span of time between his escape and his ultimate death is very narrow, but a lot of things reportedly happened in that period and season 2 may go into that.