'Narcos' season 2 spoilers: series to debut this coming September


A brand new teaser trailer for the much-anticipated second season of “Narcos” has been released by Netflix.

Aside from Wagner Moura’s eerily portrayal of the notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar, the 28-second clip also divulges the exact return date of the show to Netflix. The sophomore installment’s premiere will be a couple of days later than its first season and will be on Sept 2.

A day after the announcement, Moura made an appearance in Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, “Chelsea” and talked a little bit of the upcoming season.

“It’s all about Pablo on the run, because the first season covers ten years of Pablo’s life the first day he sees cocaine for the first time, to the day he escapes from La Catedral. And now it’s very short, it’s from the day Pablo escapes, to his … death. Pablo’s going to die this season,” he said.

Although it has been known for quite some time already that Escobar will meet his death in the second season of the hit show, “Narcos” has kept a very good job in keeping the specifics tightly under wraps. Last month, “Narcos” held a special screening and panel discussion where executive producer Eric Newman shared a peek behind the curtains, the only one that fans have had so far.

Newman shared that a very detailed re-enactment of El Padrino’s death has been shot and principal photography at that time had already wrapped up. Furthermore, Newman also added that they had made sure that they highlighted the Colombians’ part in bringing down Escobar.

“We really wanted to embrace the Colombian contribution to bringing down Escobar. They did incredibly brave things and died at an alarming rate,” Newman explained.

Since its worldwide debut last year, “Narcos” has easily become the most anticipated new series. It nabbed two Golden Globe nominations this year one for best drama series and the other for best actor for Moura.

It might be difficult to imagine the drama series without the presence of Moura’s Escobar, but with an established viewer base, Newman has already expressed his eagerness to continue the show past Escobar’s era.