'Narcos' season 2 spoilers: Pablo Escobar's death to be featured


The end of “Narcos” season 2 will feature the death of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura), which shouldn’t be a surprise to the series’ fans who know the history of Escobar’s life, but while the notorious drug lord is still on the show, it is still very much his story.

Given the historical turn of events, there is simply no way around Escobar’s death. The sophomore run of the show will ultimately tackle the imminent demise of Escobar which happened after an intense shootout with the police.

Executive producer Eric Newman has previously revealed that a very detailed reenactment of the said event has been filmed and will come to play sometime late in the season. But while fans area already mourning the eventual departure of Moura’s character from the show, a whole season will still be devoted to the narrating the last few years of Escobar from the slow crumbling of his illegal empire to his days hiding from government officials.

Realistically, Escobar was a big time criminal that needed to be stopped, but in the world of “Narcos,” his characterization is complex with mix of protagonist and antagonist, which makes him an interesting subject.

“We tried to play it as real as possible. Of course, for entertainment and everything, you have to relate to the character, so when he’s with his family we play the music more emotional like when his family is going away, or when he has stay away from the country he loves,” show composer Pedro Bromfman explained to iDigitalTimes and also added, “He’s sort of our hero, but our anti-hero at the same time.”

The cartel-driven show has been successful in delving deeper into “El Padrino” who had become the wealthiest criminal in history in the 1990s. Bromfman, being part of the production crew for “Narcos,” further shared that Escobar’s path to being a drug lord started as a noble thought.

“[Escobar] originally . . . wanted to help the poor, and he just went into this egomaniacal spin that took him as he started getting involved with drugs and getting rich and more powerful,” the Brazilian musician divulged. Unfortunately, power and wealth caused him to think that “he could do anything he wanted, and he forgot what he originally wanted to do, or thought he wanted to do.”

It is no secret that the people behind “Narcos” are planning to move forward with the show despite Escobar’s death. Newman has previously pitched in some ideas that they may take on should they be given the green light for a third installment.

Netflix has yet to confirm the premiere date for season 2 of “Narcos.”