'Narcos' season 2 spoilers: police and rivals go after Pablo Escobar


Fans of the biographical crime thriller “Narcos” are waiting for its season 2 which is set to be released in August and they are excited to see what will happen next in the life of the infamous Medelln drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura).

In the show’s first season, Pablo had a brush with death when a bomb exploded and it almost killed him and his family. He was actually targeted by another rival drug cartel, the Cali cartel, who wants to be on top of the drug trafficking business.

Season 2 will intensify as Pablo will be facing a more serious threat from another cartel, apart from the Cali, that will try to hunt him. There is also a team of Colombian Special Operations agents known as the Search Bloc that is specifically trained to hunt Pablo’s Medellin drug cartel.

Another group that’s hot on his trail is the Los Pepes which is a group of vigilantes that was formed due to Pablo’s killings of his rivals, policemen and civilians. This group is financed by his former associates, business rivals and even the Cali cartel.

Reports say that filming for the season 2 of “Narcos” is complete and post production will be done by the end of June. 

Meanwhile, in an interview with iDigitalTimes, composer Pedro Bromfman said, “Escobar originally … wanted to help the poor, and he just went into this egomaniacal spin that took him as he started getting involved with drugs and getting rich and more powerful. He just thought he could do anything he wanted, and he forgot what he originally wanted to do, or thought he wanted to do.”

Since the web series was based on the rise and fall of the Medellin cartel leader, historical records indicate that Pablo was killed by the Colombian National Police, but there are speculations that the Los Pepes were involved in the killing.

Next season will determine if the show will remain true to what is being told in the records or factor in the rumors of the involvement of rival cartels.