'Narcos' season 2 spoilers: Show promises authentic narrative detailing Pablo Escobar's last remaining years


People are already well aware of what the ending of “Narcos” season 2 will be. Even Wagner Moura, who plays notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, joked about it a couple of times during his previous interviews saying that people would just have to Google to know how it will be for his character. While the show draws its inspiration from real-life events, Escobar’s life is a spectacle in itself that that it cancels the disadvantage of viewers already knowing the show’s arc.

This is also what drew director and executive producer Jose Padilha to “Narcos.” Talking to Variety last month, before the special screening and panel discussion for the series, the Brazilian chalked up the show’s success to its very interesting story.

“The true story of Pablo Escobar is too hard to believe,” Padilha said. “If I told it exactly the way it was, people would think we were making it up. This was so much so, that I had to cut to stock footage many times so people would actually say, ‘Oh wait, this happened?'”

While the hunt for “El Padrino” had been very publicized during its time, there were obviously unknown events that had not been made public until “Narcos.” As such, the production had to conduct some serious researching while preparing for the Netflix series. In the case of executive producer Eric Newman, it took him 20 years of digging just to deliver authenticity as its finest with “Narcos.” Furthermore, he even tapped the help of some of the DEA agents that played a big part in bringing down one the richest criminals of all time.

Moura on the other hand, who admits that getting him for the role may have been a casting error at first, is determined to end his Escobar stint in the best way possible. This is even with the possibility that the show will carry on after he has exited from it.

“We all know what’s going to happen to Pablo Escobar,” the acclaimed actor told The Hollywood Reporter. “I felt like when I finished the first season, I had to finish [the series]. … It’s like accomplishing a mission.”

Fans can expect a very detailed reenactment of the rural chase that ultimately brought down Escobar, as Newman confirms that they paid immense attention to the scene in an effort to recapture the gravity of the situation.

“Narcos” season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix starting Sept. 2.