'Narcos' season 2 premiere spoilers: Producers stage Pablo Escobar's death


The upcoming season of “Narcos” might show the death of the show’s iconic character, Pablo Escobar.

Season 1 of “Narcos” showed viewers the life of Colombia’s notorious drug king pin Escobar, played by Wagner Moura. However, recent reports by TMZ confirmed that the upcoming season of “Narcos” will see the end of Escobar’s life.

It was reported that the producers have been working hard to portray the real-life death of Escobar. The head of the Colombian drug cartel died on a rooftop of a home in Colombia, while being chased down by the police officers.

According to TMZ, the producers of “Narcos” worked hard to find the actual rooftop where Escobar died. It was stated that they wanted to use the venue in order to properly portray the death of Escobar.

However, the current tenants of the house refused to let them film the scene there out of respect for the community. Because of that, the producers had to find another place in order to shoot the scene.

With the news of Escobar’s death, fans have been wondering what led to the decision to end Escobar’s life so soon. The producer of the series, Eric Newman, explained that it was an important decision that they had to make.

According to Slash Film, he said, “Trust me, if we could find a way to keep him alive and keep Wagner on the show. He will die. The design of the show is we told 15 years of history in season one. At the point of Escobar’s escape which is the summer of 1992, Escobar has 18 months to live. That’s not something we can change. To stretch that out beyond another season would be disingenuous of us. That story was always designed to have an ending.”

In addition, there have also been questions regarding what the future of the show will be. Some believe that the series will probably end after season 2 since Escobar will face his death. However, there has yet to be any details regarding the matter.

“Narcos” season 2 is expected to premiere on Netflix later this year.