'Narcos' season 2 spoilers: Pablo Escobar's brother demands $1 billion from Netflix


The executive producers of the hit Netflix series “Narcos” have run into some issues regarding their use of the Escobar name.

It was reported that the brother of the notorious Pablo Escobar is now demanding a hefty sum from Netflix for their portrayal of the Escobar name in the series “Narcos.” Roberto Escobar reportedly wrote a letter requesting his demands from those behind the title. Escobar claimed that Netflix did not accurately portray him and his family.

His statement, as published by TMZ, states, “In the first season of Narcos, there were mistakes, lies and discrepancies from the real story.”

“To this date, I am one of the few survivors of the Medellin cartel, and I was Pablo’s closest ally, managing his accounting and he is my brother for life. I think nobody else in the world is alive to determine the validity of the materials, but me.”

To make up for the damages that the series has made against his family’s name, Escobar is asking for $1 billion. He also added that if Netflix declines the offer, his attorneys are all ready to proceed with the case.

In addition, he requested that he should have access to the future material of the series, in order to monitor the portrayal of his family. Meanwhile, some are against Escobar’s demands since it was noted that he does not actually have any property rights over Pablo Escobar’s name.

There are also reports being critical of his requests since he was not actually in the TV series. Therefore, Netflix did not have the chance to inaccurately portray his character. However, despite this hurdle, it seems as though production for the second season of “Narcos” is still ongoing.

With that, fans can expect to see the series premiere its second season later this year. The second season of “Narcos” will show the events leading up to the death of Pablo Escobar. It was revealed that the production team of the Netflix series tried to accurately portray the events, even attempting to film in the same building where Pablo was shot. However, they were unable to do so, which forced them to find another rooftop to film the scene.

“Narcos” season 2 is expected to premiere on Netflix this September.