'Narcos' season 2 release date news: No official date for show's Netflix return


American crime thriller “Narcos” is already up for season 2, but up until now, the producers of the show has yet to say anything regarding the specific date when it will be back on Netflix which is purported to be this August.

A couple of changes happened in the personnel department of the biopic of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar over the course of its stint on Netflix. Earlier this year, co-showrunner, Adam Fierro, decided to leave the project after he fulfilled the terms of his initial contract with the show. However, given that “Narcos” has already experienced this kind of crew changes with Chris Brancato, who left the show for ABC, it is assumed that the show will be able to live and continue with the guidance of the showrunners left in the show such as Eric Newman and Jose Padilha.

Aside from the changes behind cameras, fans of the show are also wondering where season 2 of “Narcos” will go in terms of its story as timeline- wise, the series is already nearing the death of Escobar. Since the show is tied to facts, Newman revealed that the show will ultimately tackle the death of Escobar and there is nothing they can do about it.

Moreover, as much as they would like to keep Wagner Moura, who plays the lead character in the show, they would have to go by what happend in real life. Fortunately, Newman added that just because the current lead of the show will have to say goodbye, that does not mean that there are no more stories left to tell.

“There are any number of things that can happen after. We have not committed to one or the other. Obviously there are a lot of other stories in this world that continue on beyond him,” Newman explained.

“To tell you the truth, most of my thinking is about season 2 because we’re in the middle of it and I haven’t thought that much about where do we go from here. I just want the best version of season 2,” the showrunner added.

“Narcos” season 2 is currently in production and fans can expect more news regarding the series in the coming months leading to its purported release date.