'Narcos' season 2 release date confirmed by Netflix Life for August 2016; Moura teases Escobar's death on Reddit


With ‘Narcos’ season 2 confirmed by Netflix, fans are clamoring to know what will be in store for Pablo Escobar now that he has escaped from government agents to live his life as a fugitive.

Wagner Moura, in a Reddit session, fielded fan questions and shed some insights into the possible direction of season 2.

During the session, he shared his favorite scenes and addressed issues with his accent that fans were quick to point out in the previous season. Moura, a Brazilian, reportedly had trouble with his Spanish because he didn’t know how to speak the language going into the show.

Moura shared that aside from working on his accent, his role as Escobar also requires him to maintain his current weight, which is a lot heavier than he normally is.

“About my weight… Unfortunately I can’t lose it, when Pablo died he was pretty fat so I guess I will just keep on eating delicious Colombian food!” he said.

He did mention Escobar’s death since the show is mainly based on the life of the drug lord, but he did not mention if it was going to happen in the show’s second season as some fans have earlier speculated.

It can be recalled that following executive producer Jose Padilha’s statement that the series was originally intended as a movie and not a series, fans jumped to the assumption that the end will be near for the show’s main character.

Meanwhile, for those wanting to learn when the next season will hit Netflix, Netflix Live reported that it will be released sometime in August.

“The safest bet is to think the second season will be released in the late summer/early fall of 2016. That coincides with the late August release of the first season and a similar timeline is likely to follow,” the report stated.