'Narcos' season 2 news: EP discusses possible plot points to tackle after Escobar's death


Netflix continues to keep its lips tightly shut when it comes to American crime thriller “Narcos” set to embark on its second season this year.

Despite that, the show which is based on the life and death of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar who was able to build an empire via cocaine distribution, remains to be one of the most anticipated releases in the streaming platform.

The first season of the show, although just comprised of 10 episodes was able to cover up 15 years of Escobar’s life which ranged from his rise in the illegal drug market in the late 1970s all the way to 1992 when he was able to escape the La Catedral prison. Given this, timeline wise, the show has only about roughly a year and a half to tackle before Escobar’s death and if the Netflix series follow the pacing they used back in season 1, Esocbar’s life will end even before the upcoming chapter finishes.

As previously reported, the show will ultimately tackle the demise of the drug kingpin and there is no way working around it as the show is based on a life story. Some fans think that “Narcos” should have milked other stories from the most colorful 15 years in the life of Escobar especially as at the height of his career, he was supplying about 80% of the cocaine smuggled to the United States.

Fortunately, the people behind “Narcos” are looking to push the story way past the life of “El Padrino”

“You can go to the civil war in Guatemala where American trained soldiers who made their way to Mexico and introduced a new level of violence,” executive producer Eric Newman pointed out when the possibility of exploring other drug trafficking stories was raised.

“The amazing thing about Mexico, and it’s kind of staggering to think of it, is this level of violence that’s going on now was also the reforms, police reforms. All of a sudden, the police were being held accountable for things that they had done under the PRI for many years that they now could be prosecuted for. Cops realize we’re going to get in trouble for things we did then, we may as well go work for the traffickers and actually get paid. It’s incredibly complicated and amazing and would be a phenomenal TV show,” the “Robocop” regisseur added.

While everything is yet up in the air in terms of where the show will lead to after Escobar’s death, Newman and company seems to have a pool of interesting idea on how to tackle future seasons of “Narcos” shall it move forward past season 2.

As of now, season 2 of the show is on production and if Netflix follows its release date like its debut installment, fans can expect the show sometime this August.