'Narcos' season 2 spoilers: death of Pablo Escobar


The new teaser for the hit historical drama “Narcos” greatly implies if not indirectly telling viewers that the famed drug lord Pablo Escobar would finally meet his fate in the upcoming second season. Questions of a possible third season focusing on another historical criminal has been raised, but for now, nothing is clear for the future of the show if it even has one.

Netflix, the home network for the hit TV series, recently released a new teaser trailer for the much awaited and highly anticipated second season of the series. The teaser was short, and featured no new footage at all. Instead, it only shows a three-frame image of Pablo Escobar, as played by actor Wagner Moura.

The trailer first shows the date “12.01.49” which is Dec. 4, 1949 the birth date of Escobar. Then, it flashes the date “12/02/93” which is Dec. 2, 1993 the day that he was shot dead by the Colombian National Police. The third date shows “09.02.16” or Sept. 2, 2016 the premiere date for the upcoming season.

“Narcos” tells the story of a real life drug lord. Called in real life as Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, Escobar had been a notorious Colombian drug lord during his time. His influence and power in the world of drug trade was massive and his domination reached to a point that he had been supplying at least 80 percent of the cocaine that was smuggled into the United States.

Dubbed as the “King of Cocaine,” Escobar left a mark in history by being the wealthiest criminal of all time, and one of the top ten richest men during his time. The life and career of Escobar as a drug lord had been adapted many times already, in various forms of media such as film, books, TV series, and even in video games, where either the story is about him directly or a reference pertaining to his life and career. Even in the music industry, there had been song that either is about him, or contains a reference about him.

The first season of “Narcos” is still available for streaming on Netflix.