'Narcos' season 2 news: Eric Lange added to cast; Pablo Escobar's son says important details missing


The freshman run of Netflix’s “Narcos” was such an instant hit that during the second week after its premiere on the giant streaming service, it was already renewed for another season. However, despite fans’ anticipation, the next season might not be launched anytime soon. It is expected to come out sometime in August next year following the previous airing of season 1. 

It is still possible, though, that the schedule may be shuffled as there is no official confirmation from Netflix yet. There are also other shows such as Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” “Iron Fist,” and season 2 of “Daredevil” that may hit the small screen during the same release window. 

According to Christian Today, former “The Bridge” star Eric Lange has been confirmed to join the series as Stechner who is described to be a formidable Special Agent in charge of the CIA in Mendellin, and will be working alongside the DEA to assist Pedro Pascual’s Javier Pea in capturing the elusive drug cartel lord Pablo Escobar, played by Wagner Moura. 

Meanwhile, Juan Pablo Escobar, the real life son of the drug lord, recently sat down with “O Estado de Sao Paolo” via TeleSur TV and revealed his thoughts about the show that depicts the life of his infamous father. He said during the interview that the plot does not reflect the reality of Colombia and it has left out a very important detail in the narrative.

He said, “First, they should include chapters showing how the [U.S.] Drug Enforcment Agency (DEA) charged my dad ‘taxes’ so he could send cocaine to the U.S. territory via Miami International Airport.” 

He added that he offered to become a consultant for the show but director Jose Padilha reportedly refused and claimed that the children may not know fully what has been going on with their father.

According to the New York Post, retired DEA agent Steve Murphy, who has been instrumental in the capture of the drug lord, has been tapped and consulted instead for the storyline that will be included in season 2.