'Mr. Robot' season 2 news: Rami Malek and Christian Slater share details of plot and premiere date


Now backed up by a Golden Globe for Best Drama this season, “Mr. Robot” is looking to amplify the twists and turns when the hit show returns for a second serving.

Series creator Sam Esmail previously revealed that there will be a bit of back story that will be tackled in the second season with how exactly Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) came to that state. This is a good plot point to focus on specially when season 1 already showed Elliot realizing that Mr. Robot (Chrsitian Slater) is only a fictional character in his mind.

“It’s kind of sad and disturbing how we’ve been able to anticipate events that have happened in our culture in the world so I assume that that will continue to happen but you can never predict the future and how distressful it might be, so as much as I think we have the ability to capture that, I hope that we don’t, but that would be nave,” Anderson told Entertainment Weekly when the media outlet caught up with the star during the SAG weekend, adding that the fallout from season 1 will definitely be brought up. Moreover, season 2 will “delve much more into the psychosis and his mental illness”

When pressed about how he is preparing to get back in the hacker role when filming starts, Malek said that he feels like he has been preparing for the next installment the moment he went on a few days off revealing that the show does not really leave his head.

“When something has such a massive effect on our culture, you can’t step too far away from it,” Malek furthered.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robot recently visited the set of “The Today Show” in connection to his recent win as the Best Actor in a Drama Series in this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards. Slater revealed that the filming for second season of the show starts March and the tentative date of premiere is some time this coming June.