'Mr. Robot' season 2 news: show writer's comment hints possible plot point


“Mr. Robot” is nearing its comeback for its much awaited sophomore season and the first teaser trailer for the upcoming installment has been released online, hyping fans on what to expect from the hacking centric show.

The video, which was just over a minute long, takes on a political tone with Elliot’s (Rami Malek) narration in the background while a montage of diverse issues is shown. The clip also takes on an activist approach enticing everyone to take part in a revolution to free normal citizens from the restraints put on by powerful individual and groups of people. Given this, it can be assumed that Elliot is nowhere remorseful or scared when it comes to the repercussions of his crime back in season 1. This is despite the addition of the FBI in the next chapter of the show and with show creator Esmail promising that the young hacker will be hunted for his previous mischief.

Speaking of the FBI playing a role moving forward, the writer and tech consultant of “Mr. Robot,” Kor Adana, recently held a question and answer segment on Reddit where a plausible plot point may have slipped.

One user asked for a “least realistic portrayal of hacking” in the show, to which another user, American hacker Jeff Moss (Dark Tangent), pointed that the hackers were not wearing gloves during their mission therefore leaving traces of evidence via their fingerprints. Adana answered the point by simply replying, “This is something that we’ve noticed… stay tuned,” causing a handful of speculations leading to the show’s second season.

One interesting tidbit mined from Adana’s statement is that much like Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), the society could be nothing but just a figment of Elliot’s imagination. Another one is the possibility that someone from the hackers will eventually get caught and the investigation will roll out until it backs Elliot against the wall.

As for the show’s great impact on modern day society involving privacy online and the birth of new generation hackers, Adana revealed that as much as the show inspires new hackers, he hopes that it also has a ripple effect on software makers and encoders.

“I do feel that the show is inspiring a new generation of hackers… Also, if the show can convey how these vulnerabilities can be exploited and how these systems can be compromised, my hope is that we inspire software developers to write better code,” Adana said.

“Mr. Robot” season 2 is currently in production and is expected to be back on USA Network this summer.