'Mr. Robot' season 2 news: Show creator lays down path for the show; only 5 seasons planned


Mr. Robot” is one of the few big surprises that USA Network pulled out of their sleeves this year. The series created by Sam Esmail already made its way on various online and video on demand services, creating good buzz and credit before it was picked up for a TV release. The show was so good that the producers already gave its second season the green light even before its TV debut.

Despite knowing that he has a gold mine in his hands, Esmail still reiterated that he will stay true to the core of the story. He said, “One thing I never wanted to do with this show was to take a road where we can just go on and on and belabor this until the ratings drop and they cancel it or we end it,” via an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I really wanted the narrative to have a purpose. We are heading toward that ending. For me, the utmost importance is having a clear narrative engine and a clear ending that we’re moving toward,” he added.

With that in mind, the show is already looking for a definite run time. While it may be to the dismay of a lot of fans, Esmail is adamant about it saying that there may be tweaks here and there, but it will run at five seasons the most.

“I still stick to four or five. The problem is that our episodes are really long sometimes. I always have to recalibrate. It’s a hard thing because to figure out 40 more hours versus 30 more hours, it’s difficult. It could even be somewhere in between that. I think that’s something we’ll always have to adjust after every season. I definitely don’t think it’s more than five.”

Given that viewers have already found out who Mr. Robot is at the end of the first season, season 2 will be tackling more of the history of Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek), where he came from and what happened to him to be in such mental state.

“Mr. Robot” season 2 is set to return on July on USA Network.