'Mr. Robot' season 2 actor Rami Malek talks Elliot and his filming method on-set


The small screen market was taken last year by a low-key series titled “Mr. Robot.” The show has suddenly become the TV cult for couch potatoes with its thrilling storyline and interesting characters led by actor, Rami Malek.

In a feature column in The Wrap, the publication rounds up the top contenders for this year’s Emmys which includes the 35-year-old actor. In the conversation, Malek talks about his hacker/social anxious character Elliot and how landing the part changed his life.

“I would not have been the lead in a TV show five years ago,” he admitted. “This role, and the choice of me to play it, reflects the changing landscape of entertainment and culture today.”

Malek came to creator Sam Esmail’s radar when the latter’s fiance, actress Emmy Rossum, campaigned for the former’s casting. However, things did not go well as planned as Esmail shared that during the audition process, Malek was so nervous he could not deliver his test line properly. Fortunately, the actor was able to nail it just about the time that Esmail was tinkering on the possibility of pulling the plug off of “Mr. Robot.”

Although they have started on rocky grounds, the two work well together as evident in the hacking-centric thriller. Despite this, Malek shares that he does not enjoy knowing much in terms of where “Mr. Robot” will go story-wise.

“As much as you might think that’s fun to know something nobody else does, there’s a sense of impending doom that you might spill the beans,” he flatly said.

What he enjoys most, however, is the ability to tackle a very complex character such as Elliot. During the series’ panel during the Vulture Festival in New York City earlier this month, Malek revealed that the voiceover that stands as his consciousness talking is actually relayed to him while filming its corresponding scene.

“From an actor’s perspective, you’re always trying to figure out what your subconscious is doing in every scene, and I got it,” the actor explained. “It’s great to have that and then play against it. What can I do in the scene that is opposite of what is going on in my head?”

“Mr. Robot” is expected to premiere its second season on July 13, 10 p.m EST on USA Network.