'Mr. Robot' season 2 news: Rami Malek discusses new characters; B.D. Wong teases more of Whiterose in the upcoming season


USA Network’s groundbreaking show “Mr. Robot” is slated for a second season this year and as previously reported, the hacking themed show will delve deeper on Elliot’s (Rami Malek) condition and past.

However, this does not limit the show from adding new players in the overall story like Grace Gummer who will play a young FBI detective assigned to investigate the controversial Evil Corp hack where Elliot is a part of.

“I can’t tell you much about her, but I do know her previously,” Malek said when Access Hollywood caught up with him and asked him about Gummer’s role in season 2. “We’ve just been texting one another and looking forward to working with each other. Grace Gummer is such a really wonderful spirit. She’s just fun to be around and very professional.”

One familiar face though that fans will see more in the future episodes of the show is B.D. Wong’s Whiterose. The transgender will be a fixture in the show although show creator Sam Esmail said that he would have to use him sparingly to preserve the mystery around the character.

“I think it’s safe to say Whiterose is going to be in it more than she was in it the first season. But how much more is not clear to me,” Wong told Zap2it after saying that Esmail has really been secretive of the project that he himself does not know yet how Whiterose will be utilized in season 2.

The “Law and Order: SVU” alum continued revealing that a table read is already penciled in next month. Fans last saw Wong’s character attending E. Corp’s dinner party hosted by CEO Philip Price (Michael Cristofer) which aroused a lot of theories on what really is the character’s role in the story.

“We’ve been invited to do a table reading of the entire first half of that season, so they can hear what the whole first half of the season is. I think that’s safe to say,” Wong detailed. “We’re going to be in there in March, I think, and sit down and read the first episodes. At which point I will know a little bit more.”

Wong is currently promoting his upcoming stint as Hugo Strange in “Gotham.”