'Mr. Robot' season 2 spoilers: Rami Malek, Christian Slater confident on the show's upcoming installment despite immense pressure


Even with a multitude of TV shows going on air year after year, last year’s mysterious yet timely show “Mr. Robot” took the television world by storm. And with only a couple of days to go before season 2 finally hits the airwaves, a palpable air of excitement mixed with expectation is shrouding the series.

Lead star Rami Malek admits that the cast has definitely felt the heat, especially during the time when they were about to start production on season 2.

“It’s something you get really excited and proud of, but then it humbles you because it’s like, ‘How are we going to do this all over again? How can we?’ So there was a lot of pressure, but I swear it was the first day we shot the second season and we fell right back into place. Everybody was in there, they knew what they had to do,” the actor told E! News when the media outlet caught up with him at an event celebrating the show’s impending return.

Malek plays socially anxious hacker, Elliot, who in the first season of the show had been embroiled in a large-scale hack that was powerful enough to affect the economy of the country. Moving forward to season 2, the eerie nature of the character will be further explored with a look into his history, while he tries to evade the Feds investigating the hack.

To make matters more complicated, Elliot also tries to fight his way out of Mr. Robot’s (Christian Slater) orders inside his head. Mr. Robot, despite being a figment of Elliot’s imagination, will try hard to take over the reins from Elliot.

Slater recently shared that every single member of the cast has their own story arc in the upcoming season and that they are definitely aware of them.

“The writers, after season one, they took time and wrote the whole season out so that way when we came back to work we were all on the same page,” the veteran actor explained. “We all sort of knew what our journeys were going to be and it just made it that much more of a unique and exciting opportunity.”

“Mr. Robot” season 2 will premiere on July 13 on USA Network and will air every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET moving forward.