'Mr. Robot' season 2 spoilers, air date: Featurette teases Elliot's brewing battle with Mr. Robot


“Mr. Robot” season 2 has some big shoes to fill after its brilliant debut last year. Fortunately, from the looks of it, creator Sam Esmail and company are planning to not just fit in their season 1 footprint but even outgrow it.

A new featurette, exclusively from The Hollywood Reporter, has been released giving fans a sneak peek of what is to come when the critically acclaimed drama comes back for its sophomore year. And while the first few trailer clips for the show have provided an idea just how serious things are after the E. Corp hacking went down, the additional insights from Esmail and lead stars, Rami Malek (Elliot) and Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) amplify anticipation for “Mr. Robot’s” small screen return.

“Its very different from last year,” Malek said of their brand new offering, “What he’s trying to do, at all costs, is to remove him from his world.”

From the looks of it, Elliot is supposedly trying to get Mr. Robot’s voice out of his head. With the big reveal last season that the insurrectionary anarchist is nothing but a figment of his imagination, the young hacker, now conscious of what is happening, struggles to fight off his dead father’s manifestation. Mr. Robot, on the other hand, continues to work his so-called mentee’s psyche by convincing him that what they do is a worthy cause.

Slater, meanwhile, promises a more tumultuous path as the show delves deeper into Elliot’s intriguing past and bleak future. “Season two will go to some pretty dark places. We delve into several of the nooks and crannies of Elliot’s psyche,” the Golden Globe recipient explained.

The two-minute video is a mix of already seen footage from other teasers with some extended snippets that provide some new details. For instance, it looks like E. Corp senior vice president of technology, Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom) will be the fall man with regards to the felony. As per Esmail, season 2 picks up 30 days after the hacking which seems to have quickly escalated to become a national issue as it even drew the attention of the President.

With the government officials hot on his heels and Mr. Robot on his ears, it is curious how Elliot will deal with the aftermath of FSociety’s shenanigans.Find out when “Mr. Robot” season 2 breaks ground on July 13, 10 p.m. EST on USA Network.