'Mr. Robot' season 2 news: Creator Sam Esmail reveals privacy, law enforcement will play a big role in the show's next chapter


Award winning TV series “Mr. Robot” is preparing for their anticipated second season, and show creator Sam Esmail shared some information on what fans can expect from the show.

Attending the SxSW (South by SouthWest) festival in Austin Texas, Esmail revealed that season 2 will be touching on the subject of privacy in the technological world.

“We’re really going into thematically talking a lot about encryption and privacy, and this whole thing with Apple and Tim Cook happened, which I actually think is a really important issue that we’re really going to get into in the next ten years or so,” the Egyptian-American writer said referencing the ongoing debate on whether Apple should help the FBI in cracking the iPhone of one of the shooters in San Bernandino, California last year.

“It’s not something that I think people really understand the nuances of, but it’s going to be interesting public discourse about it, because it really brings up the idea of the rights to privacy and do we have them, do we not,” Esmail further explained, adding that he believes that whatever happens in the FBI-Apple debacle, privacy will be a huge issue in the next two decades most especially on the world wide web.

In the previous months, Esmail and the rest of the cast of “Mr. Robot” teased that the show will be going more into the depths of Elliot’s (Rami Malek) condition and the back story of how he got there. However, Esmail’s reveal only adds to the dynamics of the overall story relating the drama to current events in the country.

Aside from the brand new politics of the show and Elliot’s history, “Mr. Robot” will also be dealing with the consequences of Elliot’s hacking into E.Corp. As previously reported, Grace Gummer will be joining the show as FBI detective Dom DiPierro, who will be designated to investigate the aforementioned hack.

“Elliott committed a crime in the first season, and we’re gonna see the ramifications of that in the second season, I think that drives a lot about what the second season’s all about. And that’s why there’s the introduction of law enforcement that was kind of intentionally not shown in the first season, so that opens a whole new dimension there. And really I think the second season is about [Elliott and Mr. Robot] that internal struggle, what does that look like, and how are they going to reconcile it,” Esmail continued to divulge.

“Mr. Robot” season 2 is expected to air this coming summer on USA Network.