Motorola Android Lollipop update: updates head to first and second gen Moto E smartphones


Motorola is now working to update all generations of its Moto E handset to the Android “Lollipop” operating system.

According to Android Advices, the LTE version of Motorola’s Moto E (2nd generation) handset is currently receiving an Over-the-Air (OTA) update to Android 5.1. The update rolled out beginning May 14, and brought several improvements to user experience including improvement access to Wi-Fi or BlueTooth settings via the Quick Settings app.

The 5.1 update also improved the performance of the Moto E (2nd generation)’s camera in low light photography, Android Advices added.

Motorola has also begun rolling out an update for 1st generation Moto E handsets to Android 5.1.

According to the India edition of the International Business Times, Motorola is currently releasing updates to Android 5.1 for Moto E (1st generation) handsets in India. The update, with build number 23.21.15, was also released OTA and is rolling out in phases.

The update was announced through the customer support website for Motorola’s India arm.

Indian website suggested that Motorola will also release similar updates to 1st generation Moto E devices in other locales following the update’s release in India.

Android Advices said that Motorola had earlier rolled out an update to Android 5.0.2 for 1st gen. Moto E handsets, but decided to skip updating to 5.0.2, and go ahead to 5.1 due to several improvements that were observed in version 5.1.

The company is also working on releasing Lollipop updates to its Moto X, and Moto G devices.

According to the Gospel Herald, both the first and second generation Moto G smartphones have received updates to Lollipop. The first generation Moto G received an Android 5.0.2 update this month, while owners of second generation Moto G’s have received upgrades to Android 5.1 beginning April.

CNET also reported that second generation Moto X devices have started receiving updates to Android 5.1 earlier this month.