Moto 360 2nd Generation tips and tricks


The original Moto 360, released just last year is one of the most popular Android wear devices not to mention the best looking. So when Motorola decided to release a version 2 this year, there were high expectations and even though high expectations are always difficult to meet, the Moto 360 2<sup>nd Generation seems to be doing well.

The 2015 version of the device is packed with features which can not only make the watch a cooler gadget but can also help people have a more organized life with the help of its companion smartphone. Here are tricks and trips from website Phandroid that users can use for their Moto 360 2<sup>nd Gen.

Naturally, notifications play a huge role in Wear devices. In this case users can adjust the notification preferences in terms of situation or location. Multiple modes are offered like “None,” which blocks everything, “Priority,” which only allows notifications you have set as important and “All,” which will let the wrist watch buzz every single time a notification is received. There is also one called the “Theater mode” which prevents the screen of the watch from lighting up when there is a notification.

Once notifications are received, wearers do not need to use two hands as a simple wrist twisting motion can navigate through it. To activate or deactivate wrist gestures, swipe left on the watch face and then scroll down until the Settings option comes onscreen and choose Wrist Gestures. ON and OFF choices will be available to choose.

On the other hand, for security purposes, users can also set up a lock screen when the device is unpaired. A new feature called “Screen Lock” can create a pattern password like which will be activated when the watch detects the absence of motion. This feature can easily be turned on in the Settings menu.

In terms of turning the device off, users will only need to press their palm to the face of the watch to have it turned off.

Lastly, interchangeable strap is also an option as wearers can use 3<sup>rd party manufactured straps so as long as it is in 16mm, 20mm or 22mm in measurement.