'Mortal Kombat X' Predator DLC: nee video sheds some light on moveset, Finishers, and Fatalities


The new DLC character for Mortal Kombat X has been previously announced to be Predator. While he is set to come anytime this month, he is still unreleased officially. But recently, various leaks have occurred showing alleged footage, screenshot, and gameplay videos of the upcoming new playable DLC character in the ultra-brutal fighting game.

Finally, after previous various leaks, a decent gameplay video of Predator against various fighters form the Mortal Kombat. The YouTube video posted by All Games Beta features the new DLC character against a number of other characters, starting with the first DLC character, Jason Voorhees. The first set of fights do not offer much to see on his moveset, but at around six minutes into the video, he performs his first Fatality, a move that slices the head of his unfortunate opponent using his bladed disc. Other fighters who suffered a Fatality from Predator include the most recent DLC character, Tanya.

And finally, it wouldn’t be Predator if he weren’t keeping precious trophies of his kills. His Finisher on Tanya had a cinematic sequence after it, where Predator is seen on his collection of skulls, all form his previous skills, as he adds Tanya’s skull to join them.

In the final fight of the gameplay sample, players get to see Predator oozing green alien blood, with Tanya’s Finisher move.

In previous reports, it was reported that Predator can be seen in the in-game Krypt, his Finishers, variations, and Fatalities are still locked to normal players. However, as Event Hub reported, various gameplay videos and screenshots have surfaced online.

First off, leaked photos showed, aside from moveset variation of Predator, new skins for existing characters: Carl Weathers Jax, Commando Johnny Cage, and Infrared Scorpion. The images came from a Reddit post, and its authenticity was not proven. Additionally, early gameplay footage were provided by another user, but was immediately taken down on YouTube.

Predator comes for a small amount for a single download, and free for Mortal Kombat X Season Pass holders.