'Mortal Kombat X' DLC release date: Kombat Pack 3 details to be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2016?


Fans were disheartened that there was no news about the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for “Mortal Kombat X” called Kombat Pack 3. An announcement was expected during the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) held in Las Vegas last week, more so since NetherRealm Studios even tweeted a teaser for it hinting at EVO 2016.

The lack of update made fans really disappointed since the event has already passed. Some fans headed to Twitter to ask Ed Boon, the creative director of NetherRealm Studios, why there was no announcement during EVO 2016. Ed Boon replied saying, “What was the MKX Cool News at EVO? I missed it.” He also added in the tweet that they really had no plans of releasing anything during the event, but they do have a big announcement that will come soon for “Mortal Kombat XL.”

Fans don’t really know what to expect next from the developers since there are no new details yet for their next announcement. Some are anticipating that it would be during the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, since Boon will be part of the panel discussion hosted by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. However, what they will be talking about is “Injustice 2” and he also hinted that during the panel discussion two more characters will be unveiled for “Injustice 2.” Fans are hoping that there will be a chance for him to give more details about Kombat Pack 3 during the Q&A portion of the event.

Furthermore, Boon has created a poll on Twitter asking which character would need an upgrade. The two characters that were chosen in the poll were Tremor and Subzero. Fans are expecting that there may be some adjustments with these characters in the next DLC. Other characters that fans are hoping to be part of Kombat Pack 3 are Smoke, Fujin and Sindel.