'Modern Family' season 8 spoilers: guest stars, New York setting and Halloween episode


Executive producer (EP) Steven Levitan just teased what is coming in “Modern Family” season 8, including guest stars, a New York setting and a Halloween episode.

Levitan revealed in his interview with Moviefone that TV personalities Martin Short and Nathan Fillion are going to appear in “Modern Family” season 8.

The EP said that Short, on one hand, is only doing one episode. “Martin is playing a guy who does promotional items and works with Phil to do all of his calendars, and pencils, and water bottles, and mugs, and all that. He’s sort of the local king of promotional merchandise.”

On the other hand, Fillion will be doing an arc, “playing a local TV weatherman who gets involved with the Dunphy family.”

When asked about some early plot lines in “Modern Family” season 8, Levitan mentioned the premiere taking place in New York.

“Oh, we’re going to start, the premiere will be in New York, or some of the premiere takes place in New York and we’ll be shooting some of that in New York,” he said.

He also revealed a Halloween episode, which he confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. According to EW’s Natalie Abrams, Jay (Ed O’Neill) is going to cause a controversy with his costume. The character’s idea reportedly includes his family, with Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Joe (Jeremy Maguire), as the biblical family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, which will lead to problems.

“Jay is going to be Jesus on Halloween,” Levitan told Abrams.

As for the other characters, fan-favorites Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) are going to get more screen time, Christian Today reported. The gay couple will also be burdened with another person in their home and “into their little world.” The said person is one of Cam’s football players who will stay with the family for a while.

“Modern Family” season 8 is airing on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.