'Modern Family' season 8 spoilers: ABC announces premiere date, plus things that need clarity in new season


ABC’s popular mockumentary, “Modern Family” took a very unlikely twist in its seventh season finale when Andy (Adam Devine) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) literally broke up due to different priorities. But as unpredictable as this series can be, are viewers going to see both eventually tying the knot in season 8?

Andy and Haley’s goodbye in the last season is obviously not the end of their relationship and the breakup probably might just be a precursor to better things in the next season, probably with the first couple of episodes centered on the two rekindling their relationship.

But aside from the AndyHaley love affair, fans of the show should expect a lot more in the new season, especially with several observers hitting the show with criticisms on the lack of story other than women being housewives and men with successful careers. Based on what transpired in season 7, the eighth season is going to be showcasing a lot more, particularly with the excitement of Alex (Ariel Winter) adjusting to college life as well as Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) search for that ideal job.

The new season, confirmed in March by ABC, should very well be the best chance for the comedy show to redeem itself after losing viewers last season, which last aired in May. To begin with, expect Andy to turn his back on the best job opportunity in his life in order to be with Haley, and Phil’s (Ty Burrell) reaction to finding out Luke (Nolan Gould) sex secrets. Also, the trio of Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) are expected to be back after spending the summer in Kansas City. Those stories need some development and growth next season, which the showrunners are definitely in desperate mode to provide the viewers, all in the name of making the show more interesting.

“Modern Family” is set for a season 8 premiere on Sept. 21, Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.