'Modern Family' season 8 episode 3 spoilers: class presidency at stake, Haley needs help


The eighth season of “Modern Family” debuted last month and the Pritchetts and Dunphys will once again showcase the typical lives of each member as they go along and handle struggles of everyday encounters with other people. In the previous episode, the introduction of a transgender child became a hot topic considering how subtle this kind of issue is in American society.

According to the IB Times, the third episode of the season will focus on Luke’s (Nolan Gould) decision to run for class president, putting him on a collision course with Manny (Rico Rodriguez). His intention is to supposedly increase his chances of getting into a good college. So it’s really about Luke trying to come up with a certain future as his mother, Claire (Julie Bowen) watches over her son compete wholesomely with Manny, who in turn will be expecting full support from mother Gloria (Sofia Vergara).

But because competition is highlighted in this episode, is there a possibility that the Dunphys and Pritchetts could end up having a serious and unexpected feud? Well, it could very well depend on who wins the election.

Meanwhile, another report revealed that season 8, episode 3 of “Modern Family” will also be tackling the difficulties of Haley (Sarah Hyland) as she tries to cope with the pressure of managing her new business venture. The report said that her father, Phil (Ty Burrell) will eventually propose hiring a marketing expert in order to help her out.

The upcoming episode titled “Blindsided” will likewise showcase Cameron’s (Eric Stonestreet) decision to convince his star football player to live under the same roof with Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Fergusson). With this latest development, ABC and the show’s writers are definitely upping the tendency to show viewers the concept of gender impartiality in its content.

The third episode of “Modern Family” season 8 airs tonight, Oct. 5 on ABC.