Modern family season 7 premiere September 23; Mitchell getting through unemployment with Cameron's support; Haley and Andy to become an item?


Critically acclaimed comedy series, “Modern Family,” returns on September 23 for season seven full of changes within the Dunphy and Pritchett families.

In season six finale, after deciding hardly, Mitchell finally revealed to his husband Cameron that he has been fired from his job after pretending for a month that he is still working. Although the news is negative, the latter is actually relieved that the former’s secret is actually about his unemployment instead of what he believed to be an extramarital affair.

The new season will showcase how they adjust to the situation. Speculations suggest that their significant income loss will take a toll on their marriage as Mitch is known to be independent and the responsible one. He may not want to rely on Cam in terms of setting their ways in life, International Business Times reports.

With so much free time at hand, he will take different interesting activities including becoming the coach of Lily’s soccer team despite having no clue how to play the game.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitch told Bustle that, “My character starts to get a little stir crazy and kind of goes off on a tangent of trying to paint to occupy some of his free time and tap into his artistic side. Then, sort of realizes there’s no money in that. Then, starts picking up random jobs here and there.”

The actor added that no matter how “crazy” his character’s new schemes are, his on-screen partner will always back him up, “[Mitchell] is coaching Lily’s soccer team and [Cameron] is sort of coaching me over Bluetooth on what to say and [he’s] watching the game from the bushes with binoculars.”

Meanwhile, his niece Haley will be shown in a more mature way as she begins dealing with her first possible romantic relationship with Andy. She reportedly may start dating him when she declares her love after interrupting his proposal to his girlfriend.

Season seven of Modern Family airs on Wednesday at 9pm EST on ABC.