'Modern Family' season 7 news: Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez to guest star as Sofia Vergara's sister?


After briefly being crowned Miss Universe in Las Vegas and later losing the crown to Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, it would seem that more doors are opening up for Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as she may soon be guesting in the award winning comedy show “Modern Family.”

It can be recalled that after being announced as the winner of Miss Universe 2015, host Steve Harvey came back on stage to correct his error and declare Miss Philippines as the real winner to the shock and awe of audiences around the world.

According to a report by Parent Herald, it was Sofia Vergara who noticed the uncanny resemblance between herself and the Colombian beauty queen and suggested that Gutierrez will be perfect to play her sister in the series.

“I think she will be a great Gloria. I am already teaching her how to fake her accent,” Vergara shared.

In the aftermath of host Steve Harvey’s wrong announcement of the pageant winner, Vergara was among those who showed support to Gutierrez by posting on her Twitter account, “La Reina de todos modos,” which means “The Queen either way.”

The fact that Gutierrez signed with Vergara’s manager Luis Balaguer is also a strong indication that guesting rumors may have some truth to it.

Meanwhile, the latest episode synopsis released hints at a ploy devised by Claire and the kids to get the ducklings off the nest behind Alex’s back, Christian Today Entertainment reported.

“Sick of having the ducklings around the house, Claire and the kids seize an opportunity to help expedite the ducks leaving the nest while Phil is off visiting Alex at college. Meanwhile, Jay helps Mitch with Lily’s sleepover with her friends from her Vietnamese dance troupe; and Gloria and Cam are off on a hot pepper heist carefully orchestrated by Manny in order to meet a big hot sauce delivery deadline,” the synopsis read.

The episode is titled “Spread Your Wings.”