'Modern Family' season 7 episode 6 spoilers: Phil and Claire have some problems with their children; uncomfortable moments for Haley, Dylan, Andy, and Beth


After skipping a Halloween special episode, “Modern Family” season seven will return for its sixth episode next week.

In the previous episode, the families were already dealing with many day-to-day issues in the episode called “The Verdict.” Luke (Nolan Gould), Manny (Rico Rodriguez), and Phil (Ty Burrell) learn more than one lesson in their community service, while the rest also get their golden nuggets along their experiences.

In the synopsis released by Disney ABC Press for the upcoming episode, the narration goes as “Claire and Phil have their hands full when Luke gets arrested for driving without a license, then they catch Alex sneaking out of a liquor store, but that’s on top of Phil dealing with some personal insecurities.”

The sixth episode, titled “The More You Ignore Me,” parents Phil and Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) will have their hands full when their youngest son, Luke (Nolan Gould), is caught for driving without license, while Alex (Ariel Winter) is seen sneaking out from a liquor store. However, their trouble as parents of teenagers will not stop there when Phil himself has been battling with his own insecurities.

The synopsis continued, “Elsewhere, Cam tries to convince Gloria to recreate and sell her family’s hot sauce while Mitch helps Jay shoot a video to accompany his Titans of Industry award. And Haley and Dylan have an awkward encounter with Andy and Beth at the movies.”

Jay (Ed O’Neill) will be receiving an award for his closet business and asks for help from his son Mitch, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, to shoot a video as part of the awarding. On the other hand, his wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara) will still be pondering whether to continue with the business. Meanwhile, there will also awkward moments once again for Haley (Sarah Hyland), Dylan (Reid Ewing), Andy (Adam Devine) and Beth (Laura Ashley Samuels) as they remember too well the incident they needed to confront with their emotions earlier in the series.

“Modern Family” season seven, episode six will return on Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC.