'Modern Family' season 7: Nov 11 and Episode 6 tipped to focus on Andy and Haley


ABC’s highly acclaimed comedy series, “Modern Family,” will be taking a short break this November in time for Halloween. 

Although fans are looking forward to Julie Bowen’s character Claire taking on her love for scary things to the next level, there will not be a special themed episode for the next two weeks. Instead, the show will return on Nov. 11 for the sixth installment titled “The More You Ignore Me.”

Speculations suggest that the narrative will focus on the possibly blossoming relationship between Andy and Hayley, played by Adam Devine and Sarah Hyland, respectively. Their side of the story has been sidelined for quite some time as the plot focused more on the other members of the Dunphy and Pritchett families. 

They were last seen in the spotlight during the premiere episode when they shouted at each other before parting ways despite Haley having some feelings for Andy. In turn, he was stress-eating as he may know deep down that he should be with her and not his fiance. 

Meanwhile, the fifth episode titled “The Verdict” saw Sofia Vergara’s Gloria as a newly legalized citizen of the United States and putting her new status into good use by going on jury duty. On the other hand, Phil took Manny and Luke to community service after learning that he got scammed. As an act of revenge, they dumped trash into the culprit’s car only to find out that he is the doctor present during Luke’s delivery. 

Moreover, the lesson the episode reportedly wants to instill into viewers is how, despite having the wisdom, some things are uncontrollable and can go horribly wrong. 

This could be seen when Claire brought her two daughters, Hayley and Alex, to the office to let them know how she handles things in the work setting. The whole trip turned out to be a mess when the employees revealed that they rely heavily on Jay.

Claire was consoled by the two who told her that they already know how capable she is by just being their strong-willed mother.