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'Mistresses' season 5 spoilers: Yunjin Kim will not return; EP debunks theory that Lydia is the new Karen Kim


With the ABC drama “Mistresses” successfully wrapping up its fourth season recently, talks about a potential new installment started to gain momentum as fans wonder why the lead character, Dr. Karen Kim, was suddenly killed off.

It can be recalled that in the finale, a funeral for her character was featured after she fell off a balcony. However, viewers were wondering if she only faked her death since her best friend April (Rochelle Aytes) received the news that Karen’s brother never received her ashes. Interestingly enough, another woman played by Hina Abdullah strolled in the home furnishings shop and introduced herself as Karen Kim.

According to TV Line, sources confirmed that actress Yunjin Kim will not return if the show gets renewed for season 5. Executive producer Rina Mimoun, who co-wrote the screenplay for the cliffhanger along with K.J. Sternberg, revealed that the decision to say goodbye to the entertaining character is actually mutual between the writers and the star.

She explained that Kim expressed an interest in moving on to pursue other projects, and at the same time, they are fiddling with the idea of doing something big with the narrative. When they asked her how she would feel if Karen dies, the actress reportedly replied, “Do it!”

“She knew Karen was going to die before the first table read of Season 4. She was such a trouper all year, holding in this secret. ‘Cause for a while she was asking, ‘When can I tell people?’ And we said, ‘Never!'” Mimoun elaborated.

The showrunner also debunked a popular fan-theory that the person who introduced herself as the new Karen is actually the nanny, Lydia (Alanna Masterson), who had extreme plastic surgery.

“It’s not Lydia. I’ll give you that much,” she stated.

In terms of the possibility that Abdullah will become a new series regular, Mimoun stated that they are not planning to create one, but she will be prominently featured. There will also be familiar faces coming back and news ones that are going to be introduced.

The network has yet to confirm if “Mistresses” will have a new season.