Mission Impossible 5 plot news: airplane stunt had Tom Cruise scared 's**tless' and was done in 8 takes


Tom Cruise has outdone his previous film work with the much talked-about airplane scene that he did for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which took 8 takes to complete. Considering the advent of CGI and other technological assistance, Cruise’s vision of keeping it as real as possible for the fans is impressive. He has done similarly in old films like Ghost Protocol and he pulled out all the stops again for this latest installment of Mission Impossible.

This latest Director Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise partnership is another one for the books ever since their collaboration and love for all things film took off when they had their meeting at a restaurant in 2006. It was also worth closing off Vienna’s major roads for this masterpiece of an action film.

Business Insider reports that Cruise had to wear special contact lenses to help him handle the wind pressure. Only a meager rope and harness attached him to the plane “I’m feeling the force of the wind hit me and I’m actually scared s***less,” Cruise admitted.

According to Io9, the final trailer for Ethan Hunt’s fifth exploit promises a lot of good action and fun that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. There’s the wild chases, the espionage, the fight scenes, and the mutual blindsiding from both Ethan and IMF’s team.

In other news, there is a floating rumor that a Scientology TV network is being cooked up on a five acre lot on Sunset Boulevard. Aerial shots of the triangular piece of land were released by the Daily Mail. According to the same report, Cruise’s future films were to be created there and may potentially rival Paramount Pictures.

Enjoy Mission Impossible 5 which will hit theaters this July 31.