'Mirror's Edge: Catalyst' game news: Title is actually a full reboot according to reviews


“Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” was just released and before players start to get real itchy with the prospect of soon returning to Faith Connors’ red shoes and running through the skyline of the city of Glass, here are some things to refresh and prepare them about the game.

“Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” is EA Digital Illusions CE’s next game in the “Mirror’s Edge” series after 2008’s original game. While the game was originally announced as an origin story of its protagonist Faith, internal dialogue has repeatedly touted it as neither a prequel nor a sequel despite the game’s story supposedly telling Faith’s first steps into becoming a Runner rebelling against the city’s totalitarian government.

Executive producer Sara Jansson even outright stated that the production was not “building up to the storyline of the first game” in an interview with Polygon. According to Jansson, “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” is not a sequel, a prequel, nor is it a reboot. Instead, the game will focus as a character building installment for the protagonist and will be a “rebirth of Faith.”

Come the reviews of the game, however, it turns out that “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” is actually pretty much a full reboot of the original “Mirror’s Edge,” according to Stevivor. For one, the game features a similar cast of characters from the first game, albeit some slight differences like name spelling and traits which are usually the characteristics of a reboot.

An example of a major altered-similarity between the first game’s storyline is the presence of Faith’s sister. Named Kate in the original game, “Mirrors Edge: Catalyst” named her Caitlyn Connors with “Cat” as her nickname. The prequel comics indicated that Faith believed her sister died during the November riots, which had Faith’s parents shot to death.

In the very first game, Faith’s sister was fully alive during the events of the storyline and actually working for the authorities as a police officer and the siblings were shown to have managed to retain closeness with each other despite being apart. As a major discrepancy and alteration in the storyline between the games, it confirms that “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” is indeed a reboot of the original game.

“Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst” was released on June 7 in North America. It will be released in European territories on June 9.