'Minecraft' update 1.9 release date, news: update brings flying capes, boat improvements to game


Fans of the popular sandbox game “Minecraft” should celebrate as update 1.9 might be released soon. Although no official date has been announced, more details about the update are already surfacing online.

According to SegmentNext, the latest update will add flying capes to Survival mode. Based on the tweet of developer Jens Bergensten, the cape will allow players to “glide.” Whether full flight control will be available remains unclear as the gfy provided by Bergensten was tagged as a work in progress.

The website also stated in the same report that the capes will not be craftable unlike some of the weapons in the game. Those who want to own one need to search the world for it. Moreover, once discovered, the cape already equipped will be replaced. SegmentNext advised players to remove their cape if they do not want to lose it while searching for a flying one.

Likewise, when players are flying, the capes will look like wings instead of simply flowing and hanging from the backs of characters.

Aside from the upcoming gliding feature, improvements to boats have been implemented as well. The tweaks include movement enhancements and allowing multiple passengers to be in a single boat. The release note for snapshot 15w41a specifies that the boats will be able to “function more like the boats in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, including changes to how boat movement is processed by Minecraft servers.”

Just released last October 7 is snapshot 15w41b, which focused mainly on crash fixes. As stated on the snapshot, “This week’s snapshot brings you the ability to smash out of the window of a high tower building, fly past the bad guys who are all shooting you with surprisingly bad accuracy, swoop down and land flawlessly into a strategically placed boat and then paddle away at moderately high speeds with the stolen prize pig in the back.”

Specific changes include more rewards to End Cities and enhanced cheat detection in multiplayer mode.

Snapshots can be accessed in the game by selecting “New Profile” in the launcher and enabling experimental development snapshots. However, gamers should be aware that launching them can corrupt already saved data, so running them in a separate folder is recommended.