'Minecraft' Pocket Edition update: Mojang rewards fans with updated mobile version


“Minecraft” is by far one of the best games ever made, and with over 100 million PC version users across the globe, its creators have constantly strived to work on the game to make it even better even the mobile version. A blog post published recently by game developer Mojang and Microsoft highlights the numerous enhancements they have done over the past year for the Pocket Edition of “Minecraft.”

As reported on Mojang’s site, there are already 30 million copies of the Pocket Edition sold for tablets and smartphones. With this, Microsoft has started focusing its attention on things that are needed in order to address the issues with the game’s mobile version. 

For instance, some gamers discover “Minecraft” through their mobile phones, but as soon as they decide to escalate to a more advanced and intricate “Minecraft” game, they abandon the Pocket Edition and embrace the PC version of the game. One reason cited for this is because, the  game’s previous mobile version (Android, iOS and Windows phone) don’t support features that can be found on the PC version, especially with updated version 1.9.

No doubt, some advanced gamers also want to utilize the mobile version, other than the PC, but the enjoyment is somehow diminished.  

To engage the gamers happily into the game, Mojang and Microsoft have made several updates for the mobile version. They are aiming for fans to remain in the game and encourage more potential gamers that they can eventually bring in. They worked on updates as their way of supporting the gaming community a strategy that has undoubtedly made millions of sales and is still growing. 

There is a long list of improvements that “Minecraft” gamers using Pocket Edition can now enjoy in the game.