Mike Tyson news: Boxing champ falls off hoverboard, down for the count


Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was taken down by a hoverboard. Iron Mike shared his epic fall video on Instagram, which shows himself falling off the self-balancing contraption and taking an ugly fall in the end. It seems like the former champ is not immune to falling as he became one of the latest victims of the device. 

In the video clip uploaded by Tyson himself, he is seen spinning around riding the two-wheeled scooter while giggling. He then proceeds down the hallway toward the camera then he loses his balance. A loud thud can be heard as he falls off the pink scooter. Some of the hashtags that Tyson used in his upload are #knockout and #MikeTysonBreaksBack. 

The hoverboard is one of the most desired gifts last Christmas and the pink hoverboard was possibly a gift to Tyson’s daughter, the person taking the video. 

The person who flawlessly uses a hoverboard during their first try is Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in the “Back to the Future” movie. Of course, McFly is only a fictional character. Nevertheless, to perfectly ride the two-wheeled device, one needs to have perfect balance to be able to glide easily to where they are going. 

Unlike the hoverboard used in the “Back to the Future” movie that levitates, the hoverboard seen today are self-balancing two-wheeled boards or scooters. They run on rechargeable electric batteries. The concept behind the contraption is similar to a Segway mixed with skateboard. The device is equipped with sensors and gyroscope that allow the mechanical gizmo to balance itself.  

The hoverboard became popular in America when numerous appearance by celebrities were seen riding the device. The board has the capacity to reach speeds of 6 mph, which may seem slow but considering that one has to balance themselves within the confines of the 23-inch electric contraption, that speed can be quite fast.