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'Mighty No. 9' news: Keiji Inafune owns up to controversial launch


After years of delays and miscommunications, “Mighty No. 9,” Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to the classic “Mega Man” action-platform franchise, has finally arrived; unfortunately, the game’s release came out to reviews that were mediocre at best, which has prompted Inafune himself to come out and admit the game’s shortcomings were his fault.

Inafune’s new company, Comcept, which he founded after his departure from Capcom in 2010, recently had a streaming event which was supposed to celebrate the launch of the company’s long awaited “Mighty No. 9” game (via Kotaku). Unfortunately, instead of celebrating, Inafune took the event to own up to all of the game’s problems and the disappointment it caused in “Mega Man” fans the world over.

Inafune was joined by fellow former Capcom producer Ben Judd, who provided the translation of Inafune’s statements mixed with Judd’s own commentary. Regarding the negative feelings that “Mighty No. 9” has caused to those who waited years for it, Inafune said that he was willing to take whatever insults the public may throw at him and it was all his fault.

Inafune clarified that promising to develop the game simultaneously for so many platforms, about 10 in all considering the previous generation was also included, caused a number of issues that interfered with the team’s work on the game. Yet Inafune said that he was not using it as an excuse, as such only he was to blame.

Regarding the game’s massively successful Kickstarter campaign, Inafune clarified that the big number posted on the website was not the whole thing and the game’s development actually only gets a percentage of it. Taking the game’s $4 million campaign result, Inafune said that the development team really only saw about 60% of that money with the rest likely taken by overhead costs and by Kickstarter itself.

Going back to developing so many versions of the game, Inafune admitted that it was a big mistake to try and develop both the game’s original version and its ports at the same time. Doing so blew up the work required on the game and caused the pressure felt by the company to increase, despite the fact that they could not deliver all of the promised versions at launch day.

“Mighty No. 9” released last Tuesday, June 21 to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox One, and PC platforms.