Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs: Microsoft to launch several models, one Surface Pro to be launched in October?


It has been almost a year since Microsoft released the Surface Pro 4, and most tech fans agree that it’s time to get an upgraded version of the hybrid device. While the tech giant has yet to confirm if it is planning to release the Surface Pro 5 this year, rumors claim that the company will be releasing several models of the gadget, and at least one variant will be launched in October.

The rumors about multiple Surface Pro 5 models were spurred by a photo taken at Microsoft’s Building 88 which made the rounds online. In the picture, one can see a placeholder for what looks like a Surface device which says “2016” and “coming soon” on it. Three more placeholders can also be spotted in the shot with “2017” on them.

It is expected that the first Surface Pro 5 will be launched next month. Among the features that are rumored to be in the device include a new Surface Pen with a rechargeable battery system. The current Surface Pen is powered by an AAAA alkaline battery. It is said that the upgraded stylus can be charged by attaching it magnetically to the Surface Pro 5.

The hybrid is expected to come with a new Intel processor. It has been speculated that the device could have a sixth-generation Skylake chip, but other rumors suggest that it will be the next-generation chip codenamed Kaby Lake.

It was claimed that the device could have a longer battery life, as the current model can last for a little over 5 hours when used for video playback. It is expected that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will have an improved display, though the Surface Pro 4 already has an impressive 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 pixels.

As for the price, it is estimated that the Surface Pro 5 will start at $899.