Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs rumors: Next-gen hybrid won't be unveiled this month


Microsoft has officially announced that it is holding a media event on Oct. 26, but industry insiders don’t think the Surface Pro 5 will be unveiled on that day. Instead, sources believe Microsoft is going to announce the new all-in-one Surface PC during the event, while the Surface Pro 5 may launch next year alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Verge also revealed that they were told by several sources that the new Surface Pro would not be unveiled during the event. So, it sounds like interested buyers will have to wait until next year for the device to come out.

Just keep an eye out for any news of the Surface Pro 5 when Oct. 26 arrives. There is still a slim possibility that Microsoft may make the announcement this month, although insiders have already given up on the likelihood.

Meanwhile, the wait may be worth it if the rumored specs are true. Sources say the Surface Pro 5 may come out with the updated Windows 10 Redstone 2 operating system (OS), and Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor. Reports also say that there may be two versions of the new Surface Pro a low-end model with a 2K display, and a high-end variant that supports 3840 x 2160-pixel (4K) resolutions.

It is rumored that the device will also have a 16-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front camera, a USB Type-C port, an improved Surface Pen, 16 GB of random access memory (RAM), and a NVIDIA graphics card. Sources say the price of the Surface Pro 5 will start at $899. Of course, the high-end model should cost more than the base version.

As of this moment, Microsoft has yet to announce that the Surface Pro 5 is under development. Until they make a confirmation, all reports concerning the device are rumors at best, so readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt.